What Sets Authenticity Apart From Other Software?

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Authenticity is a lead verification tool that you won’t find anywhere else. With blazing-fast results, lead verification is now as easy as pasting a piece of code to your lead generation form.

While everyone else is focused on cleaning data after it’s already been collected, we decided to flip the script. We wanted a product that verified leads in real-time so that corrupt data never touches the business. If it’s not real, we don’t want it, and businesses don’t want it either! What’s the point of paying to collect leads that will literally never turn into a sale?

That’s why we stop bad data at the source, while someone is filling out your lead generation form. Authenticity works instantaneously to notify the potential lead if they’re providing you with a real email address and/or phone number. This gives the lead the opportunity to provide you with accurate information and if they insist on giving you something that doesn’t exist, they simply won’t be able to submit to form. That lead would be useless to you if you had no way of contacting them.

To keep track of this, we provide all of our clients with an omnichannel dashboard where you can see in real-time exactly how many leads are verified!

Authenticity Optimizes Business Operations From Top To Bottom

Clean leads really are the lifeblood of any business. Think about it, if your business had only fraudulent leads coming in, you’d be out of business within the week. Those leads will never convert! Now let’s say you had an industry average of 18% bad leads that come through. That may seem manageable until you see how that affects the rest of your business. Corrupt leads corrupt your whole business. You can’t effectively optimize your operations unless you’re dealing with real data.

This is where Authenticity shines. Because it verifies and filters through only real data in real-time, your business is only getting leads that could potentially convert into a sale. This does wonders for your whole business. For starters, you’re able to see what your effective lead cost is without being skewed by leads that will never convert. You’ll also gain insight into your effective conversion rate, as well as your true total lead count. And that doesn’t even mention the time you just saved your business and your team from chasing down corrupt data.

By working with real business data that can only come from truly verified leads, you’re able to truly optimize your business. By removing the rot of bad data from your business, your key performance indicators (KPIs) are now pure and any decision you make based on those KPIs can have a truly transformative impact on your business.

From top to bottom, simply by using Authenticity, you make your business a well-oiled machine.

Authenticity Is A Win-Win For Agencies And Clients

If you’re an agency running traffic for your clients, this is a massive value add for them. As mentioned above, clean leads truly revolutionize their businesses on multiple levels. And best of all, your agency will get all the credit for it.

Authenticity allows you to deepen the relationship with your already existing clients, while it’s a great selling point for any future clients. By expanding on the value that you provide to your clients, your client retention rate is sure to improve.

But most importantly for agencies, this is another revenue stream that can’t be ignored. As the agency knows their clients best, the agency is responsible for setting their own prices for their clients to use Authenticity. This can vary from client to client based on the client’s needs. Authenticity truly puts the power into the agencies’ hands.

Learn More About Authenticity

Authenticity is a software that offers real-time data verification. It allows businesses to run more efficiently while saving them both time and money. For more information on Authenticity and its feature, visit our website. You can check out our subscription plans here. Visit the Support section for general queries regarding clean data and its security.

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