AI Bot Detection and Customer Validation for

Stay ahead of AI and protect your business by preventing form submissions containing bad data generated by bots, spammers, and fake traffic.
What We Do

Prevent Bad Data

Improve efficiency and drive better business outcomes with Authenticity Leads.


Ensure data accuracy, reduce bounce rates, enhance deliverability, protect sender reputation, and improve overall marketing effectiveness.


Improve customer outreach, reduce fraud, enhance user experience, and optimize marketing efforts for better conversion rates.

Bot Traffic

Prevent fraudulent activities, protect user data, ensure site security, improve user experience, and maintain website integrity.
How it works

Setup Authenticity in 3 Steps

Protecting your website is a lot easier than you think.

Get your form fields

Use your browsers code inspector to copy the names of your form elements.

Customize Settings

Input your form information in our script configuration panel

Add a single script

Place our script in the header section of your website and let it go to work
why you should use authenticity

A single system for real business data

Built by marketers for businesses and their agencies

Real Email Data

Using our lightning fast cloud technology, your potential lead’s emails are validated in real time at blazing fast speeds.

Real Phone Data

Check phone carrier data in real-time as your lead form is being filled out. That means you get real phone numbers as the final result.

Realtime Dashboards

Both agencies and their clients get real-time data coming into individual dashboards as Authenticity is validating leads.

AI Bot Detection

Leverage algorithms to differentiate between human and automated interactions, enhancing security by preventing spam, fraud, and abuse.

Crafted For Agencies

Authenticity allows agencies to custom craft lead verification SaaS services for each client, only paying for the services they need, at a price agencies control.

Concierge Support

Our back-office team will help you get up and running with hands-on support, even creating custom implementations for your application.

A Case Study

“$3.1 trillion, IBM’s estimate of the yearly cost of poor quality data, in the US alone, in 2016. While most people who deal in data every day know that bad data is costly, this figure stuns.”
Data Decay Rate Per Year
$ m
Average Business Loss
Time Wasted By Workers

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End wasted spend. Save up to 25% of your ad budget by automatically stopping bots and fake leads.
Agencies Businesses
Agency Plans
Starting From
$ 149
per month
For Onboarding Multiple Clients
  • Per Client Billing
  • Customizable Plans
  • Advanced Bot Protection
  • Phone & Email Validation
Business Plans
Starting From
$ 249
per month
Billed Based on API Usage
  • Use on unlimited websites
  • Advanced Bot Protection
  • Phone & Email Validation
  • Rollover Credits
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