How Reliable Is Your Data, Really?

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We live in an increasingly connected world where seemingly trivial things such as your phone number and your email address are considered personal identifiers. That’s why when we get a call from a number we don’t recognize, our first reaction is a sense of intrusion and perhaps even mild panic. And it’s understandable. Nobody wants their personal data breached without consent!

Is it any wonder then why fake data is on the rise? 

If you’re an agency running leads for your clients, you might have noticed this phenomenon. If you’re one of the clients such as a real estate agent or a lawyer who is actually interacting with those leads, you DEFINITELY know this is a problem. A potential customer comes to your lead page, and instead of putting in their real credentials, they put in fake information. How many times have you went to send an email to a potential customer that has filled out your lead form, only to get a message back that the recipient’s address doesn’t exist? What about calling a phone number that goes nowhere?

Increasingly, these are very real problems for companies that rely on incoming leads to maintain and grow their business. Just think of the time wasted sending an email to a fake email address or calling a phone number that doesn’t exist. Not only is that an absolute waste of time for your company, but you basically just burned your money getting that fake lead as well.

How Bad Is The Fake Data Rate?

While it varies from industry to industry, with the average fake data rate coming in at 18%, the real staggering statistics come from the total time wasted trying to hunt down those bad leads. Leads that will NEVER lead to a sale. According to Harvard Business Review, workers can waste up to 50% of their time hunting down bad leads. If you run a company, that inefficiency is simply unacceptable.

So if on average you’re burning 18% of your budget on leads that will never turn into sales and your workers are wasting significant time chasing down those same leads, there is no way to sugarcoat it, you are running an extremely inefficient enterprise. And that’s not even saying anything about your inaccurate key performance indicators (KPIs), the very same indicators that your whole business operates on. Bad data not only wastes your organization’s time and money, but it seeps into every other aspect of your business and rots the whole operation.

Luckily there is an instantaneous solution to this! Like you, we were fed up with wasting our time and money on leads that will turn into literally nothing, so we created Authenticity, a software that verifies incoming leads in real-time!

As Thomas Redman from Harvard Business Review correctly observed, “Rather than launch a massive effort to clean up existing bad data, companies should focus on improving the way new data are created.”

Indeed, the only way is forward. We can’t recoup the time and money we lost in the past, but we can for sure do something about the leads we’re getting in the future!

The Solution To The Fake Data Problem

Authenticity is software that offers real-time email and phone number verification! The way it works is simple. It takes about 5 minutes to set up and paste our script into the header of your lead page. The Authenticity script works in the background checking the user’s email and phone number inputs on your lead form. If the user puts in fraudulent information, Authenticity automatically blocks them from being able to submit the form until real information is provided. All of this is done in real time and the user is notified right there on your lead form if either their email or phone number is invalid!

They simply won’t be able to give you an email or phone number that doesn’t exist. That means you’ve just saved your company valuable time and money hunting down bad data. And that’s not even saying anything about the improvements you’ll see on your KPIs moving forward by destroying bad data corruption of your internal systems.

At scale, it’s a thing of beauty. Just by using Authenticity and cleaning up your data, you’ll be removing the rot and inefficiency that plagues your business. And the most beautiful thing about it? It’s as simple as pasting a script to your lead page.

Insight is key, and one of our greatest values is transparency. Authenticity’s omnichannel dashboard will show you how many verified leads you’ve received as well as how many fraudulent emails and phone numbers were blocked from corrupting your business.

Learn More About Authenticity

Authenticity is software that offers real-time data verification. It allows businesses to run more efficiently while saving them both time and money. For more information on Authenticity and its feature, visit our website. You can check out our subscription plans here. Visit the Support section for general queries regarding clean data and its security.

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