How Does My Agency Benefit By Using Authenticity?

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If you run an agency, you’re in luck. Imagine having a product that provides your clients with the highest possible value while also giving you the power to set the price for such a service.

In a nutshell, that’s Authenticity. Our product gives your agency the ability for your clients to verify their incoming leads in real-time. With verified leads, your clients will stop throwing away money on worthless email addresses and phone numbers and they’ll stop wasting their time going after potential customers that don’t exist.

But even more importantly, with truly clean leads your clients will optimize their business on multiple levels. They’ll be able to tell their effective cost per lead, their effective conversation rate, their true lead numbers and so much more. Before, bad leads corrupted all of your client’s KPIs, but Authenticity cleans all of that up. And it’s as simple as pasting a script to your client’s lead capture page. 

Once the script is in place, Authenticity instantaneously gets to work, effectively being a filter for your client that only lets real data through. In real-time, our software is able to see if a potential customer is putting in a real email address and phone number. If they aren’t, well they won’t be able to submit their credentials. This stops the corrupted data at the source and your client is happy because he just saved his company a lot of time potentially chasing down someone that doesn’t exist! 

At scale, Authenticity is a thing of beauty. Not only does it clean the ineffective rot from a business, but it also empowers the business to truly optimize their processes with the power of clean incoming data.

Where Does My Agency Fit Into All This?

As an agency owner, you may be seeing the light. Authenticity provides a much-needed service for your clients, while at the same time empowering you because you’re providing that service. Authenticity is simply a tool, and it’s up to agency owners to wield it how they see fit.

An agency knows their clients the best. That’s why we built Authenticity to be as flexible as possible, to put the power of our product in the agency’s hands. By having an already existing relationship with your clients, you know exactly how many verifications your client needs and at what price point. With Authenticity, you have the ability to control all of those metrics.

And as you’re providing massive value to your agency’s customers, your customers are obviously paying you for your services. 

The beauty of Authenticity for your clients is that it provides them with real leads which optimizes their business instantaneously. The beauty of Authenticity for agency owners is that it strengthens your relationship with your clients while also giving you the ability to make more revenue on already existing clients. Think about it, as an agency you no longer have to hunt down new clients, you can now improve and monetize the relationships you already have. Let’s face it, the least fun part about running an agency is cold emailing and hunting down new clients. Authenticity gives you a way out of that. It truly is a win-win for both client and agency!

Learn More About Authenticity

Authenticity is a software that offers real-time data verification. It allows businesses to run more efficiently while saving them both time and money. For more information on Authenticity and its feature, visit our website. You can check out our subscription plans here. Visit the Support section for general queries regarding clean data and its security.

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