How Do My Agency’s Clients Benefit By Using Authenticity?

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Imagine if all you had to do to improve your client’s business from top to bottom was paste a script to their lead generation form. And imagine by doing that you automatically start saving your client both time and money because they’d no longer have to hunt down leads that simply don’t exist.

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, because that’s exactly what Authenticity does. And yes, it really is that simple to set up!

Authenticity empowers your clients’ business by filtering out bad or corrupt data that comes in from their leads. It works in real-time by verifying the email address and phone number of the potential lead. If the lead is putting in fraudulent information, they simply won’t be able to submit the information. Our script demands a verifiable email address or phone number (or both) in order for the lead to be able to submit their form.

At scale, this is massive. If your client is no longer getting fraudulent contact information, that means they’ll actually be able to contact their potential customers without wasting time chasing down people who don’t exist and will never lead to a conversion or a sale. 

From our research, by using Authenticity we’ve also seen the client’s overall real verified leads increase. This is because as Authenticity checks the contact information in real-time, it also lets the potential lead know if their email address and/or phone number is valid or invalid. There is a case where due to user error, a potential lead UNWILLINGLY puts in the wrong contact information. They could have been distracted or accidentally made a typo, but whatever the reason for the user error, if there is no real-time verification in place, that user will send the information as-is. They could have been a potential customer, but because of an extra letter in their email address, you’ll never be able to contact them again. 

With Authenticity, all of that is solved. If there is a typo in the potential lead’s email address and that email address doesn’t exist, Authenticity will automatically notify the lead of the problem. In fact, it won’t even let him submit the lead form without providing real verified data!

In some cases, we’ve seen a client’s real data rate increase by as much as 18% percent precisely because Authenticity stops user error in its tracks.

How Clean Data Optimizes A Client’s Business

It’s staggering how many people are running inefficient businesses out there. And a lot of the time it’s not even the business owner’s fault. They may think they’re running an optimized business but they aren’t aware of the rot that bad data creates in their processes.

Everything from effective lead cost to total lead count is affected by bad data. If 20% of your client’s leads contain bad data making those leads unconvertible, well then that’s a massive problem for your client’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Things such as effective lead cost, effective conversion rate, and real lead count are all automatically skewed. And that’s not even taking into account the time spent chasing down those bad leads that will never turn into a sale. The inefficiency that corrupt leads bring to a business truly is staggering.

But all of that can be put to an immediate stop with Authenticity. By acting like a filter that verifies lead info and puts a stop to fraudulent leads coming through, you automatically optimize a business as early as the first verified lead comes through. Night and day results in a business’s inner metrics can be seen in as little as a few weeks, or as soon as you have enough data to compare to a previous cycle. Think of Authenticity as a purifier that removes business rot while instantaneously optimizing that business in the process.

Learn More About Authenticity

Authenticity is a software that offers real-time data verification. It allows businesses to run more efficiently while saving them both time and money. For more information on Authenticity and its feature, visit our website. You can check out our subscription plans here. Visit the Support section for general queries regarding clean data and its security.

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