How Clean Data Optimizes Your Business At Every Level

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Making money is hard, and running a business is even harder. Between optimizing your product, running your processes, and making your customers happy, there are a lot of moving parts that need constant care and attention. And all the while you’re fixated on keeping your business together, a silent killer lurks in your midst, rotting everything from the inside.

That silent killer is bad data. Think about it… You pay money to acquire a lead, but unfortunately, that lead put in a faulty email address and phone number. You don’t notice that until somebody from your team tries to contact the lead. So now, not only did you pay for a faulty lead that will never lead to a sale, but your workers just wasted valuable time trying to convert a lead that simply isn’t convertible to a paying customer.

And on top of all of that, by acquiring the faulty lead, you’ve just corrupted multiple metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Your cost per lead (CPL) is diluted because the “lead” you paid for wasn’t actually a lead. Your total lead count is corrupted as well because what you acquired wasn’t actually a lead. And most importantly, your conversion rate is skewed because you never had a chance of converting that lead into an actual paying customer. And those are just a few examples of how bad leads quickly become a business’ silent killer.

At scale, it’s a massive problem. At an 18% average bad data rate, it’s a catastrophe! That very well could mean that your overall internal metrics are skewed by the same percentage, if not higher. And with the multiplying effect of some KPIs, your internal metrics may even be worthless. Bottom line, bad data and bad leads not only cost your business more time and more money, but they also make it impossible to run a truly efficient business.

Luckily we have a solution.

Optimize Your Business In One Simple Step

Back in the early 2000’s there was a TV show called Heroes. The tagline of the show was, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” We have a similar tagline – clean the leads, save the business.

Early on, we realized that getting only clean leads had a positive cascading effect on all aspects of our business. Not only were we tired of wasting money on emails that didn’t exist, but we were also fed up with all of our metrics being corrupted as a result. There was only one problem though, there wasn’t an easy way to verify leads in real-time as they were coming through our lead pages.

We got to brainstorming, and that’s exactly how Authenticity was born. Fast forward a few months, and now Authenticity is a full-scale software-as-a-service business giving every business the tools necessary to verify their incoming leads in real-time. 

How it works is simple. It takes 5 minutes to set up and to start verifying your leads, all you need to do is paste our script on the header of your lead page. Then, as leads come in, our software in real time verifies if your future customers are giving you real credentials such as an email address and phone number.

If for some reason a future customer is inputting a fraudulent email and phone number, they simply won’t be able to submit the form. Authenticity will let them know that either their email, phone number, or both are invalid, therefore giving the customer another chance to put in their real contact information before submitting.

Think about it, with Authenticity you’ll only have REAL leads coming in. This means that from day one your overall business metrics will be improving. With over a 99% real data rate, you’ll automatically get pure insight into important KPIs such as true cost per lead, true conversation rate, and true lead count, among others. And best of all, your business and workers will no longer be wasting precious time hunting down bad leads. 

Simply by putting Authenticity’s lead verification tool on your lead page, you’ll be optimizing your business to unimaginable heights. Take it from us, genuinely clean data cleans up your whole business. It’s a ripple effect whose end result can be seen in as little as one month of use. Where else can you get such results?

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Authenticity is software that offers real-time data verification. It allows businesses to run more efficiently while saving them both time and money. For more information on Authenticity and its feature, visit our website. You can check out our subscription plans here. Visit the Support section for general queries regarding clean data and its security.

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