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What's The Problem?

If you have incoming leads, you have a problem. Valuable time and money is being spent on acquiring and chasing down leads that never even had a chance of becoming a sale. This problem is so persistent that Harvard Business Review estimates that on average 18% of data that businesses take in is corrupt or unusable. That’s nearly a fifth of your client’s budget and resources that’s thrown away each and every day!

How Authenticity Solves The Problem

Authenticity was created to end the pandemic of unusable data. With our software, you will be able to stop bad data in real time, making sure only clean leads are coming through your funnel. Authenticity does this by ensuring that only real phone numbers and real emails are allowed through at the time of lead capture, saving you both time and money.

Specifically Crafted For Agencies

As an agency you want to provide better services to your clients. As a client, you want the best possible results from your campaign. Authenticity allows agencies to custom craft lead verification SaaS services for each client, only paying for the services they need, at a price agencies control.

Real Time Email Verification

Using our lightning fast cloud technology, your potential lead’s emails are validated in real time at blazing fast speeds. There’s no waiting around or cross referencing emails after they’ve been submitted. Nope, we do it all in milliseconds in real time because we know your time is precious.

Real Time Phone Verification

Check phone carrier data in real-time as your lead form is being filled out. That means you get real phone numbers as the final result. And the best part is that anybody who uses a fraudulent number to fill out your funnel or signup sheet won’t be able to submit their info, ensuring you’re only getting clean data!

Transparency Every Step of the Way

How will you know it’s working? Very simply, both the agency and the client gets real-time data coming into their dashboards as Authenticity is validating leads. There’s no waiting around for reports or partaking in time-sucking phone calls. You’ll have a robust view of what’s going on at all times with Authenticity.

Power Efficient & Sustainable

We live in an age of spam and bad information. Bad data wastes time and energy, causing an unnecessary load on your servers, employees, and our environment. With Authenticity, we ensure that spam attackers don’t flood your lead generation forms and your data stays sparkling clean!

Super Easy Setup in 5 Minutes!

1. Register and create your account. 2. Authorize your website. 3. Configure and copy your script snippet.
4. Paste the Script Snippet to your website. 5. Start validating leads as they come in!

A Case Study

"$3.1 trillion, IBM’s estimate of the yearly cost of poor quality data, in the US alone, in 2016. While most people who deal in data every day know that bad data is costly, this figure stuns."
Data Decay Rate Per Year
Whether a phone number, email, or address. Customer data is constantly evolving.
$ m
Average Business Loss
Average loss across businesses of all sizes. Poor data kills business efficiency.
Time Wasted By Employees
Hunting for data, correcting errors, and confirming sources for uncertain data.

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