How Does My Agency Benefit By Using Authenticity?

If you run an agency, you’re in luck. Imagine having a product that provides your clients with the highest possible value while also giving you the power to set the price for such a service. In a nutshell, that’s Authenticity. Our product gives your agency the ability for your clients to verify their incoming leads […]

How Do My Agency’s Clients Benefit By Using Authenticity?

Imagine if all you had to do to improve your client’s business from top to bottom was paste a script to their lead generation form. And imagine by doing that you automatically start saving your client both time and money because they’d no longer have to hunt down leads that simply don’t exist. Well, you […]

What Sets Authenticity Apart From Other Software?

Authenticity is a lead verification tool that you won’t find anywhere else. With blazing-fast results, lead verification is now as easy as pasting a piece of code to your lead generation form. While everyone else is focused on cleaning data after it’s already been collected, we decided to flip the script. We wanted a product […]

How Reliable Is Your Data, Really?

We live in an increasingly connected world where seemingly trivial things such as your phone number and your email address are considered personal identifiers. That’s why when we get a call from a number we don’t recognize, our first reaction is a sense of intrusion and perhaps even mild panic. And it’s understandable. Nobody wants […]

How Clean Data Optimizes Your Business At Every Level

Making money is hard, and running a business is even harder. Between optimizing your product, running your processes, and making your customers happy, there are a lot of moving parts that need constant care and attention. And all the while you’re fixated on keeping your business together, a silent killer lurks in your midst, rotting […]