Sell your clients the trust you need

Are you tired of clients who don't trust your attribution data and churn out of your agency? This doesn't have to be the norm, with clean data, you can retain more clients.

How It Works

Our process is pretty simple. We deliver real data, and value, to agencies and their clients. Everyone wins with Authenticity. 


We check for bots first

We scan your users in real-time and ensure they're human, preventing bots and AI from corrupting your data.

  • We profile users based on signals like IP, MAC, Browser
  • We check for cloaking software and automation tools
  • Upon detection, forms submissions are disabled

Next we validate form data

In real-time, we check emails and phone numbers as they're put into your form, flagging bad data before it's submitted.

  • We check info against email and phone vendor databases
  • We never store customer data that's put into your form
  • Bad data is prevented from being submitted

Why We're different

We're not just another data validation company.


Give your clients dashboards

Each client purchases access to their own dashboard so they can see marketing campaign performance in real-time.

  • No more generating monthly reports for your clients
  • Keep things simple, only display the info they really want
  • Your client pays for and owns their dashboard and data

You earn additional revenue

Once each quarter, we send profit sharing payments to agencies, giving you additional revenue for every client. 

  • You set client pricing, so you control how much you earn
  • Clients will happily pay for clean data they can trust
  • Receive payouts via ACH, Wire, or Paypal


Up to 50% of data has quality issues

Phone numbers get disconnected, emails addresses go unused, customers make mistakes. The quality of data is always changing. To make matters worse, AI will soon generate over 90% of all content on the internet, including form submissions. Bad data not only hurts marketing attribution, it costs businesses time and money. 

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End wasted spend. Save up to 25% of your ad budget by automatically stopping bots and fake leads.
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